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Do you currently use Barcode Printer(s)?


Manufacturer (if known)

Model (if known)

Label Use Details

Where will this label be used?

Indoors Outdoors In Sunlight
Exposed to Chemicals
    Chemical Type (if known)

How long will it stick to product?

Permanent (Never comes off)
Short-term (short lived)
Remove after set period of time
Needs to be pulled on and off periodically

What will this label stick to?

Glass Plastic Metal
Wood Cardboard Fabric
Other (Describe below, if known)
Not Sure

Additional Information on
Label Environment (if known):

Quote Quantity, (or range of quantities):

Anticipated Yearly Use:

Additional Information, Comments or Questions:

Label Construction

Key Label Measurements (Representational Diagram)

Label Width (A) x Length (B):


Number of Labels Across:

If 2 or more across, gap
between labels (C):

Horizontal and Vertical Perforations (Representational Diagram)

Die or Square Cut?
Die Cut: space between each label
Square Cut: no space between labels
Continuous Roll

Continuous Roll
Not Sure

(See "Horizontal and Vertical Perf" diagram above.)

Horizontal (on liner)
Vertical (on liner)
Other Location (on label)

(Slits open up a range of application possibilities! One label becomes many for multiple uses! Most slits can be added without die charges!)

On Label
On Liner
Send Me More Info

Material Specifications


Click here to read about available
materials and adhesives!

Paper with Adhesive
Tag (No Adhesive)
Polyester Film
Polyolefin Film
Not Sure


General Purpose Permanent
Aggressive, Harsh Environment
Not Sure

Temperature Range When Applied:

Approx. degrees F or C

Temperature Range After Applied:

Approx. degrees F or C

Imprinting Method

Thermal Transfer (Use Ribbon)
Direct Thermal (No Ribbon)
   Type of Direct Thermal:
    IR (Infrared)
    Near Infrared
    Visible Light
    Not Sure
Dot Matrix

Labels will be applied by:

Hand Machine

Pre-Printing Specs (Pre-Printing on this label? i.e. Logo, etc.)

Please select printing needed:
(Floodcoating involves full background color/tint)

No pre-printing is needed
Floodcoated Pastel
Floodcoated Fluorescent
4-Color Process
Not Sure

Desired Colors (if known):
(Use Pantone Color if known)

1. 2.

3. 4.

If available, please send label artwork as ZIP attachment to: art@barcodefactory.com
(What's this?)


Copy Orientation on Label:
(Top = Top of Copy comes off first
Bottom = Bottom of Copy comes off first
Left = Left of Copy comes off first
Right = Right of Copy comes off first)

Top of Copy comes off first Bottom of Copy comes off first
Right of Copy comes off first Left of Copy comes off first

Packaging (Based on Printer Model. Don't know? We'll help!)


Roll Specs (If Known or Leave Blank)

Core/Inner Diameter (inches) if known:

Outer Diameter (inches) if known:

Labels are wound inside of the roll, and don't showWound In (SATO)

Labels are wound outside of the roll, and do show Wound Out (All Others)

Sheets (Laser or Inkjet)

Sheet Size (inches):
8.5 x 11 8.5 x 14 Other




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